Nature-Watching in Europe

Where to go to enjoy wildlife and wild places


Nature-watching in Europe was born of frustration.  The frustration of finding information relevant to me.  Then the frustration of accumulating piles of information and wondering what to do with it.  There were field notebooks, diaries, articles, observations, photos, website links, maps, etc.  So then, the frustration of trying to find specific information from within that pile.

When I first travelled extensively in Europe in 1988-89, information about anything other than the regular tourist trails was hard to find.  There was no internet, no digital camera, no ATMs – just traveller’s cheques.

Nowadays there is more information, but if you’re not following the regular tourist trails, it can still be hard to find.

So Nature-watching in Europe is an attempt at organisation.  To provide others – ie, you, the reader – with a flavour of a place, and links to further information to help you visit that place.

I hope you will be able to enjoy visiting these places as much as I did – or even more if you go armed with more knowledge to start with.

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