Well, actually it seems more like a week of rainbows. The Pembrokeshire Dangler is back, bringing sunshine and showers, and consequently rainbows.

The Pembrokeshire Dangler? A weather phenomenon that occurs when two air masses meet over the Irish sea resulting in north-westerly to north-easterly winds and a narrow band of showers along the convergence zone. Pembrokeshire (and Cornwall) stick out into this zone and intensify the effect. It happens several times a year, and is quite obvious on weather maps.

We’d gone to Pembroke Millponds to look for ringed (banded) black-headed gulls but none were showing off any jewelry. In fact, it was pretty quiet there, even on the Castle Pond (top photo) with so much mud exposed.

There was, however, a rainbow, And although the scene didn’t look very promising for a photo, this reflection on the Middle Pond caught my eye.

Later in the day, we heard that there was an Egyptian Goose there on the mud. Was it at another time of day? Or were my eyes just watering so much in the cold wind that I couldn’t see it anyway. But Bob didn’t see it either.

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