The only wisent (European bison) that I’ve seen have been in captivity – in a reasonably large field in a wildlife park.  They are certainly impressive animals.  One, I hope to see them in their natural habitat – and thanks to on-going reintroduction programs, they are now found in more countries across Europe.

I’ sure I’ve read somewhere that the American Bison might be heavier, but the European one is actually taller – so it depends what you mean by ‘bigger’.

Copyright 2016 European Wilderness Society Congratulations, you are the largest mammal in Europe! Yes, thank you! I feel honoured to be the largest, but I also have to admit that my family over in America is still a bit bigger. But I guess everything is bigger in America, right? I’m really proud to roam around…

via Exclusive interview with a European Bison — European Wilderness Society