There are opportunities for watching predators in Europe, but predators aren’t easy to see.  Nevertheless they play an important role in keeping other species, particularly deer, in check.  The evidence so far for this wolf pack in Switzerland is positive.  The wolf is much more efficient in identifying and killing old and sick ungulates than human hunters.  Deer numbers are decreasing, but this decrease is not threatening the deer population: their numbers are now regulated naturally to acceptable levels for the forests to thrive, with less involvement of the hunters.

Copyright 2016 European Wilderness Society Swiss Hunting and Fishing Department, the Bündner Wildhut, reports about the positive effect of the Calanda wolf pack on wildlife regulation. In the area of the Calanda mountain range (600-2800hm), very close to the city Chur in Switzerland, a wolf pack helps to naturally control the population of red deer.…

via Swiss Hunting Department: Calanda wolves regulate red deer effectively — European Wilderness Society



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